Intimate Topographies, 2011

What is experientially female is the association of desire with space.”
Jessica Benjamin, A Desire of One’s Own: Psychoanalytic Feminism and Intersubjective Space

What Jessica Benjamin was referring to, in Giuliana Bruno’s Public Intimacy was the psychoanalytical “desire [of] owning the room, and the desire for ‘a room of one’s own’“ mark[ed as] a female experience”. A female experience because unlike both genders that can house the intellect or the unconscious mind, only women have the possibility of generating the most intimate kind of cohabitation within our bodies by becoming a womb that “fosters intersubjectivity and… ‘the bonds of love’– a [unique] spatial mode of desire”.

This reflection poses a question for any female artist: does she own the space she inhabits or is her body owned by the crevices the objects and the rooms generate around her? Isn’t a pair of shoes a room for our feet or architecture a spatial expression of a mind?

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